Presenting research in Omaha, NE 2014

Presenting research in Omaha, NE 2014

Read about my newest research project tentatively titled "Remaining Dutch" by clicking the tab "The BH Blog."  It's a story of five families that arrived from New Netherland and eventually called West Virginia home.

RECENT EXPERIENCE:  Researching a Gun History  

I was fortunate recently to have been shown an early Republic period Harper's Ferry Rifle owned by a family friend.  Here's some of the steps we took to corroborate our findings.  Thanks also to Mr. Robert Brown, a fellow historian, who helped me out with this research.  

Some of the works I've written are listed below with abstracts attached as links.  If you would like abstracts of the works in progress titles, please contact me.

"The Evolution of Western West Virginia from Economic Collapse to Successful Wartime Partner in World War II"--This work began as my thesis as part of the requirements for the Master of Arts Degree, but my goal is to expand this into a book.  I've presented this research in various forms, two of which were for the Society for Appalachian Historians and the Missouri Valley History Conference.

"How Environmental History Changes the Traditional Narrative: Seventeenth Century Jamestown Example"---Presented at the Missouri Valley History Conference.

Sandy Valley Fever:  A Case Study in Epidemiology for Historians”--Presented at the Missouri Valley History Conference.


"Reaping What You Sow: Early Virginia's Ideology as a Foundation for West Virginia Statehood"

"The Rub, Snuff and Grin:  A Small Railroad Servicing Small Town Residents"

"Gilmore High School and the Community that Fought for It"


My most recent guest blogs are in a series for The Babb Group.  Part I can be seen  here.  Part II is located here.