Lesson Content Samples

Sample of my Prezi presentation introducing Chicago Manual of Style and Purdue OWL..

Sample Discussion Board:

Due to availability on the internet, the student can now see and hear the most intellectual minds in the History discipline. They can then compare and contrast these wonderful lessons with their readings in a discussion format.  Here is an example of one of my discussion board prompts that uses this methodology:

" Reflect on what you heard in the audio clip by Mary Beth Norton and what you've digested from both the text lecture and supplemental readings/videos. What about the idea of Dr. Norton that STATUS trumps GENDER in the colonial period? What surprised you about the cultural differences? What did women LOSE by joining British society?  Who was unaffected and why? DISCUSS." 

Sample of a Critical Thinking Activity Using an Unexpected Medium

Again, by utilizing the internet, one can creatively tap into the minds of the student in unexpected ways.  In my History of American Women course, one of my assignments introduces the student to history in pop culture.  In one assignment, I use the video game industry by using a music video made by John Dreamer for the video game, Assassin's Creed 3, based during the American Revolution.  In this powerful music video, John Dreamer has placed a number of quotes by MEN.  I challenge my students to create the WOMEN'S quotes instead.  This forces the student to consider the women who are NOT REPRESENTED in the video.