Korea....is it really over?

UPDATE: I wrote the blog below on April 17, 2018 where I asked if the official division of Korea, and thus the remnants of war, were over.

Just this past Tuesday, our President, Donald J. Trump, went to Singapore to meet with Chairman Kim Jung-Un of North Korea to discuss the potential for a cease fire in North Korea and the disarmament of nuclear weapons.  While much of the world was watching, these two leaders met, acknowledged the sovereignty of each nation to itself, and then set about trying to begin a dialogue.  

Now, some (mostly those who are anti-Trump anyway) fussed about this meeting calling it "a legitimization of Kim as the leader of North Korea, I found that a very strange thing to say.  Reason being:  Kim IS the leader of North Korea....it matters little if we like him, or agree with him, or even want to work with him.  He IS and will remain the leader of that nation.  Yes, he is a human rights nightmare, but that is based on American (Western) standards, and it has always been the policy of the U.S. to do business with other nations IF it helps us as a whole despite that.  I mean, just look at our relationship with Central American, for heavens sake.  They were murdering their own in record numbers while we looked away.  So, don't give me that reason....that is irrelevant to this discussion. 

Some (many of them pro-Trump) were dissatisfied with the meeting saying it didn't go far enough.  However, a man named Jordan Peterson of Canada put it QUITE WELL when he said that Chairman Kim had watched as the previous administration made a similar deals with Gadaffi  of Lybia and swore we would protect him only to have him murdered in his homeland with the assistance of the United States Government.  With that as my benchmark, because Peterson is right about that, I've thought about this for two days and decided that President Trump did what he set out to do--open a door for dialogue.  

This has been compared to Reagan, Thatcher, and Gorbachev when upon meeting Premier Gorbachev, both Thatcher and Reagan said "We can do business together."  That didn't mean they had to like each other or agree, even.  They could WORK toward a common goal each in their own way--and they did.  This was to open a door.  Time will still tell what happens after, but I will leave with this quote "Many men can make war, but it takes special ones to make peace."  I hope President Trump and Chairman Kim are two of those that can make peace.


I just read a blog post online that said that North and South Korea are working on arrangements to officially end the war and reclaim the DMZ there. 

I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime, but especially not so quickly after it was proposed.  Additionally, just last year Kim Jung Un was launching ICMBs over Japan and into the sea saying he would bomb the U.S.  

Where did that man go? Now, don't read me incorrectly here. I'm thankful for this, assuming it's made with the best intentions in mind.  However, this guy was a little unstable just a year ago, so can he be believed? 

Of course, like most everything else, time will tell, but history is in the making right before out eyes.  It's time to really watch the details of this whole affair.