Weather as history

Here in America, we're experiencing some very unusual weather patterns. January has extended into April and our planting season has not yet begun, although normally it has.

While we don't often think of weather in any type of historical context other than those using the Farmer's Almanac or those who watch it for "climate change" I challenge all readers to discuss weather with the "old-timers" in your community.  It's amazing to talk about weather with them.  

Example: I recently was able to discuss a massive flood event here in my county with others. It happened in the late 19th century, so no survivors remain, but locals remember hearing old-timers of their generation talking about it.  

This flood wasn't caused by climate change, but rather it was caused primarily by deforestation from logging in the area.  The lack of tree roots in the area caused landslides and rushing water as there was little to hold it back.  While the sheer volume of water would have been horrific at best anyway, the fact that flood water flows the path of least resistance did factor into this hellish night.

So, I encourage you to revisit historical events for weather patterns and anomalies.  You may be surprised at what you can glean from it.