The History in a Garden

We’re so accustomed to thinking of history as EVENTS, we often forget that history is in our gardens, too.  I planted some Mayflower beans last garden season that were said to have been brought here by Anne Hutchinson on the Mayflower (hence their name).  They were GOOD!  

I’ve also done Logan Giant beans and Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes both of which are from here in WV. 

However, many vegetables that are heirlooms have family names attached also.  Sustainable Mountain Agriculture at, have many varieties that have family names and stories attached.  Example:  Noble beans were taken from WV or Oregon by the family and are available at SMA thanks to seed saving.  

If you want to really get into historic gardening, check out Sustainable Mountain Agriculture in KY.  Bill is knowledgable and helpful, but also you’ll be planting a STORY not just a plant.